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3G mobile phones are the present and the future. With the advent of technological advances in mobile technology, the third generation (3G) mobiles with greater capabilities began to take over the mobile market.

3G mobile phones were developed to cater to the increasing demand of multimedia over cellular networks. These phones are often ascribed to as smartphones. Why smart? Basically, these 3G mobile phones have an increased bandwidth, as well as transfer rates. This was made possible in order to accommodate the large files being transmitted between different mobiles, particularly audio and video files. 3G includes UMTS, GSM EDGE, CDMA2000, DECT, and WiMAX.

3G mobiles have a transfer speed of up to 3Mbps. It would only take about 15 seconds to download a three-minute MP3. Before the 3G phones, there were just 2G phones and their speed is only up to 144kbps. With a 2G phone, it would take about eight minutes to download a three-minute MP3 song.

The high transfer speed of 3G mobile phones makes them ideal for downloading data from the Internet. They also make it easier to send and receive multimedia files. You can do video conferencing using 3G phones. You can watch movies through streaming videos from the Web. You can also download email messages, even those with attachments.

Another advantage of 3G networks is that they offer greater security than 2G networks. In this type of network, it allows the User Equipment (UE) to authenticate the network that it is attaching on to. This way, you are sure that the network is the correct one or the intended network and not just an impersonator.

Most mobile manufacturers have produced 3G phones to answer to this technological demand. Almost all of the well-known mobile manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, and BlackBerry have a wide range of 3G mobile phones available.

One commendable 3G mobile phone is BlackBerry Tour 9630 model. It has the 3G features that make it a good business companion. Everything you need is in one package, document editor, a camera, a phone, and download speed that zoom really  fast. This 3G gadget is surely an amazing device.


The Nokia X6 is another great 3G mobile phone that meets all your everyday needs. Its minimalist sleek design gives that elegant and sophisticated look you would be proud to carry around. You have your high speed Internet access, can watch streaming videos, have a high resolution camera to capture precious moments, and a phone ready to do video conferencing with colleagues, even if you’re not in your office.


These are just some of the 3G mobile phones available. There are so many in the market today, but choosing the best one is the hardest since they all have such great features!

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