The Best Business Mobile Phones

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The Best Business Mobile Phones

Business today is very competitive and in order for you to be on par with everyone else, you need to equip yourself with formidable tools. One of the things you must have is a powerful device to act as your phone, your organizer, your editor, your browser, and it must be capable of handling all your activities for the day.

Mobile phones have kept evolving time and again. From the heavy and sturdy analog cellular phones of the 80’s and 90’s, mobile devices have become smaller, sleeker, with almost equal functionalities to that of a personal computer. The advances in technological development of mobile phones have made these amazing devices a companion and a necessity, not merely a luxury.

Today, smartphones have become very important to every businessman. They rely on it for Internet access, email, conferences and documents, aside from its basic function as a mobile phone.

One smartphone that caters to all your business needs is BlackBerry Curve 8900. This awesome device has the thinnest full QWERTY keyboard, an absolutely phenomenal 480 x 360 screen resolution, has Wi-Fi, GPS, a digital camera, a video recorder, and the sleekest of all BlackBerry Curves. One look at it and you could say it is the best for you.


Another amazing business phone is the Apple iPhone 3G 16GB. This cute phone has refined and optimized the available technologies when it comes to 3G mobile phones. It improved the previous features of past iPhones and has increased memory storage. This is one gadget that would fairly satisfy your personal and business needs.


The BlackBerry Storm is the first of the touchscreen BlackBerrys. Hence, being the leader of smartphones, this feature surely adds to its glamour. Considering that it has the Unique SureTouch touchscreen, Microsoft Exchange support, a 3.2 megapixel camera, and has video recording, this fully loaded BlackBerry will go a long way.


Still another remarkable device from BlackBerry is the Bold 9000. This is very suited for those who require serious communication wherever they are. Professionals who need the best email services, or the capacity to receive email and be connected to their office in the shortest time, must have this device. All other features are incorporated such as address book, calendar, and task lists. It has a 480 x 320 screen resolution, improved document handling, a significant increase in processing speed, and comes with excellent multimedia capabilities.


Indeed having any of these awesome business mobile phones with you anywhere in the world, will surely give you the advantages you need.

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