Top 5 Addictive iPhone Games

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If there is one thing that makes people go crazy over iPhones, it is their games. The iPhone was built not only to provide users with features that would make their lives easy and comfortable, but to provide relief from the physical and mental stress as well.

You could just prop yourself up on any bench, and start having a good time by playing any of the online games integrated in an iPhone. Of course, any additional games that you would like must be downloaded from Apple or from other reliable and trusted websites.

These games come with different levels to cater to the diverse users of iPhones. Children, teens, yuppies, and adults alike are served according to their levels and preferences. No wonder iPhone is the choice of the majority when it comes to usability and fun.

The top five really enjoyable games for iPhones are Lux Touch, Galcon, Wurdle, Trism, and iShoot. Some of these games are free and some are not, but the one thing they all have in common is how addictive they are once you start playing.

Lux Touch is played using a strategic approach by placing your armies on the map to attack neighboring territories. The game is played in turns, and on each turn you get to shuffle around your pieces. This needs careful analysis from the player. But, even with the brainstorming and deep-thinking, this is a fun game wherein you can’t tell how much time had passed since you started.


A past-faced game that’s easy yet challenging is Galcon. This game presents you and another player as both conquerors of planets. You are in a race against each other as to who conquers the most number of planets. Each planet requires certain number of ships to be conquered, and once conquered, it would also generate additional ships for you. The entire game takes about two minutes, so you have to think and act fast.


Wurdle is a game for those word wizards. This game is similar to Boggle where you get to form as many words as you can. It has a 5×5 grid, and you are given twelve minutes to form all possible words that you can think of. So start wracking your brain and form hundreds of words in twelve minutes.


Another great game that would surely capture your attention is Trism. It is just like the popular game Bejeweled but better. This game has tilt controls and has more combo possibilities. This is very addictive, and should be played when you know that you have all the time in the world to enjoy it.


The last game on the list is iShoot. Each tank take turns in firing a round of ammunition. This destroys other tanks and the environment as well. The tank that remains standing wins the game.


These are just the top five games, there are so many more iPhone games out there, and the only way to find out if they really are worth your time is to sit down with your iPhone and start playing.

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