TVs now using LED technology similar to iPhone

Posted by iPhone Addict on Sep 4, 2009 in General iPhone |

SamsungLedJust as the iPhone uses an LCD screen with an LED backlight to give great visability even in daylight conditions, TV manufacturers are now using the same LED technology. LED TV’s are actually normal LCD televisions but use an LED for a backlight. This has the result of a brighter clearer picture and a significantly thinner TV.

Currently LED Tvs are much more expenseve than standar LCD’s and it will take a while for production costs to drop and consumer domand to rise. So now you can have your TV as thin as your iPhone, but it will cost you roughlt $1000 more than the standard LCD. For more info on LED televisions, check out . They list the major TV’s currently on the market such as the new Samsung LED TV range.

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